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Probably the only thing that most people know about Devil's Third is that it's been in development for an unusually long time. Valhalla Game Studios' debut started life as an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game, announced in late 2011 by publisher THQ, which has since folded.


Briefly: During its first week on sale in Japan, Wii U exclusive Devil's Third didn't make the top fifty on the sales chart. Number fifty was 3DS title Yokai Watch 2, which sold 1,006 copies. Guess that means Devil's Third didn't even sell a thousand copies... or maybe it sold 1005! Correction: As pointed out by several Kotaku commenters, Devil’s Third isn't in the sales charts because it’s an Amazon Japan exclusive, so we don’t know how it sold. We apologise for the error.


As a critic, I endeavour to approach each game I play with an open mind. It's almost impossible, however, not to have some preconceptions when a game arrives for review. Knowledge of the developer, familiarity with the circumstances of its development and experience within its chosen genre are just three of the factors that come into play. Devil's Third is an unusual case in that I came to it acutely aware of both its troubled background and a raft of overwhelmingly negative impressions from those who've played it so far. My expectations, then, were fairly low -- and to a point, they were met.