During Its First Week On Sale In Japan, Wii U Exclusive Devil's Third Didn't Make The Top Fifty

Briefly: During its first week on sale in Japan, Wii U exclusive Devil's Third didn't make the top fifty on the sales chart. Number fifty was 3DS title Yokai Watch 2, which sold 1,006 copies. Guess that means Devil's Third didn't even sell a thousand copies... or maybe it sold 1005! Correction: As pointed out by several Kotaku commenters, Devil’s Third isn't in the sales charts because it’s an Amazon Japan exclusive, so we don’t know how it sold. We apologise for the error.


    No surprises here

      Agreed. It look utterly rubbish. During the previews for it lost me with that scene when his is on the drums.

    Wow, that's atrociously bad considering that's arguably one of it's targeted markets?

      Unfortunately, not many Japanese people care about the Wii U anymore

        Splatoon just passed half a million, and mk8 and smash are still around the top of the charts.

          For Splatoon that's not JUST Japan though, is it? And MK8 and Smash on charts are w.wide no?

            That figure is indeed for Japan-only. Splatoon is nearly 500k, MK8 just over 1 million and Smash about 700k (3DS version has sold 2.4 million in Japan though)

            Worldwide sales for Splatoon is around 1.6 million, Smash closing on 4 million and Mario Kart 8 recently passed 5 million.

              I guess you don't need third party support when the annual Wii U first party drops because everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on SOMETHING.

        I don't think devils third is going to do much better when it comes to PC

        Very inaccurate statement to make. Wii U is the only console that is doing decently in Japan at the moment, and is still outselling PS4 by about a million units. If anything Sony should be more worried in that new PS3 games are still selling better than PS4 games regularly on charts.

    Hope you also post the apology from the US site stating that this didn't chart due to Amazon Japan not even being included in the charts

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    From kotaku.comCorrection, 8:06 AM: As pointed out by several Kotaku commenters, Devil’s Third isn’t in the sales charts because it’s an Amazon Japan exclusive, so we don’t know how it sold. We apologize for the error.


      Stop letting pesky things like facts get in the way of people hating something :|

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      So a console exclusive I can understand, even when a company decides to pick the Wii U, but then also forcing it through 1 supplier only? What marketing genius dreamt that up and where do I sign to take over their role?

      lol, shouldnt they pull the entire incorrect article then?

    I didn't realise anyone actually expected this game to sell well...

      I expect it to sell well..
      It looks great, someone has worked hard to give us an exclusive for the Wii u.
      Good on them for choosing us as their audience.

    This sounds like an "I told you so". Not really interested in games to sit back and point at all the mistakes I haven't experienced nor understand - have fun everyone who is, looks like a lot of you.

    Why write something without finding out the true facts first?
    Why try to make someone's hard work look bad in the first place?
    There is a lot of effort put into this game for us Nintendo fans!
    We must encourage and support the people that make exclusives for the wii u!

    We must support people that give us Wii u exclusives!
    Why write something that could jeopardise the success of hard work that's been done for us Nintendo fans?
    The Wii u is the console that Nintendo built for us!
    Write possitive things about our console, it is the best console of this generation!

    Wow, at least change he headline - it's factually wrong.

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