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One universe saw New York ravaged by a giant tentacled psychic horror, the other has beacons of hope like Superman and Wonder Woman. That might make you think the question that Adrian Veidt, Watchmen's Ozymandias, has on his mind in this week's issue of Doomsday Clock has an easy answer, but as with so many things with this DC Comics/Watchmen mashup series, not everything is quite so simple.


You might have thought the greatest mystery of DC Comics' Doomsday Clock had something to do with Doctor Manhattan's whereabouts or the new Rorschach's secret identity. It doesn't. The wildest thing happening in the DC/Watchmen crossover is all about the supervillains Marionette and the Mime.


Yesterday, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced that for the first time since 1953, the Doomsday Clock - its representation of how close the world is to a catastrophic, civilisation-ending disaster - would be moved to two minutes to midnight. DC Comics decided that was a grand way to promote its current event series, named Doomsday Clock, until it went a bit awry.


Alan Moore's distaste for DC's ownership of his and Dave Gibbons' work on Watchmen is widely known at this point -- and considering the fact that neither Moore or Gibbons were contacted for the characters' use in Rebirth, that distaste is still very real today. This new comic cover is unlikely to help smooth things over for Moore at least, either.