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55 hours. That’s how long it took me in the end. By some accounts, compared to most people I’ve spoken to, I breezed through Dark Souls II. It wasn’t easy but, in the end, it wasn’t as difficult as I expected. Or as memorable.


You need to have the right equipment.

The right equipment is more important than leveling or souls. Making sure you’ve optimised the gear you’re carrying; that’s always been the difference between life and death for me. That and technique. The right strategy.


I literally can’t see two feet in front of myself, but I have to walk myself home. The outline of the pedestrian crossing is no longer representative a jovial little green or red man. Just a blurred pool of light oozing towards my retina. Green means go. Red means stop.


Late last night; one of those dizzying moments of realisation that often come after physical and mental exhaustion. "I finally understand. It's all connected." I woke up this morning and tried to remember what that realisation was, but like a weird, partially remembered dream I could only grasp at fragments.