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But it's not space like you've experienced in any other game. It's space as the astronauts on the ISS are experiencing right now. Opaque Media is a small Melbourne game developer that has just come back from a week-long visit to NASA. The trip was just one part of a mission to make the first VR game that will truly depict what it's like to live and work on the ISS.


With the pricing for the three biggest VR platforms now released, Playstation VR seems to be solidly ahead as far as affordability. However it isn't much use being cheap if the games aren't there, so we've rounded up a list of (almost) all of the games that will be coming to the Playstation VR -- as well as hand picking a few that you should be excited for.


I wasn't sure how popular it would be on the show floor, but when I saw queues going around the corner for Opaque's Earthlight project at PAX Australia it put a smile on my face.

Gamers, it seems, were pretty happy to try out VR experiences that broadened the scope of what a normal game could be. But a lot of people still have issues with VR, and floating around in space can exacerbate a lot of those.


It can be difficult to digest the entirety of PAX Australia -- there's so many games, panels, people and costumes to see.

To help the digestive process, here's our entire coverage of the event from the minute the doors opened (well, to the queue area anyway) to the minute the doors closed.


We knew PAX Australia would showcase a variety of VR experiences, but perhaps just as interesting is the experiences that weren't made.

Norman Wang, Opaque Media Group's project lead on Earthlight, to talk about VR. Our chat veered off into the team's collaboration with NASA and the potential avenues that could lead to, and Wang revealed something unexpected.