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It's hard to believe DmC came out this year… last January feels like a hundred years ago. Ninja Theory's game boasted their usual striking visual style, as demonstrated in these new shots from Dead End Thrills.


I love Ninja Theory. Not only was it my favourite elective in college, they make some pretty wonderful action adventure titles, filled with expressive characters, quirky humour and Dante fan hate. Now they've partnered with Chillingo for Fightback, an '80s-style action game for Android and iOS.


Post-apocalyptic worlds in video games don't necessarily have to be grimdark, depressing or colourless. There are many fine examples where the game's design either moves beyond these tropes, or develops them to perfection. We have collected a few of them below.


From the first time I saw Heavenly Sword concept art in an old copy of Edge, right through to their work today, I've been a big, big fan of the art team over at Ninja Theory. So it's a pleasure today to present the work of the studio's visual art director, Alessandro Taini.


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was one of the unexpected surprises of 2010 -- a wonderfully colourful, well-told story full of enjoyable Uncharted-esque gameplay and some some remarkably well-done digital performances. Its story wasn't perfect, but those opening chapters (and that finale!) stick with me even today, as do its two mismatched protagonists.


What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! Enslaved is out, and we’d like to know what you think. Considering picking it up? This is the thread you need to see. Already played it, or even just the demo? We need your thoughts below!


Got a witty caption for this screenshot of Enslaved, released this week? Leave it in the comments below!


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Ninja Theory's lush post-apocalyptic game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is just one of the many action-adventure offerings we're looking forward to at this year's E3. This new look at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game further cements that.


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Developer Ninja Theory will work its multiplatform ninjitsu with Enslaved, a lovely looking post apocalyptic buddy game bound for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. See Enslaved's Monkey and Trip in action for the first time, thanks to GameTrailers TV.


Take a trip through post-apocalyptic America with Monkey and Trip in Enslaved, a new action-adventure game coming in 2010 from Namco Bandai and developer Ninja Theory.