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After the traditional quiet periods of June and July were broken up with some surprise indie darlings, including Her Story, Rocket League and the first launch of Fallout Shelter, August had a lot to live up to. And while it didn't deliver on raw numbers, there were a few surprises that definitely caught people's attention.


Composer Jessica Curry, who most recently worked on the PS4 game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, has announced she's (sort of) leaving The Chinese Room, the studio she helped found. There's more on her mind, though. In a blog post, Curry pulled no punches when talking about her negative experiences working with Sony, how the industry devalues the contributions of women, and more.


The places where you played as a child shrink with the passage of time. That’s just a fact of perception and physics. Your body expands. Eyes sit taller in their sockets. Everything grows smaller in the rear view mirror. Objects, the classroom. Friends. Parents, Grandparents. We watch as our friends and memories shrink in the distance then – eventually – disappear.


The insult of "walking simulator," lobbed at video games whose strongest elements are exploration, discovery, and story, misses its intended target. It conjures something more like Bennett Foddy's QWOP. Then again, we all know what the term means by now: something like Gone Home that removes the elements of puzzling and physical challenge from an interactive space.


Briefly: Some promising PS4 indie games now have release dates: Journey (July 21), N++ (July 28), Galak-Z (August 4), and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (August 11). Suddenly, August isn't looking so empty! You also get a 10 per cent coupon off later purchases if you buy two or more games.