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Well, this is certainly one way to deal with gamer rage. Martin "AmbossTV" Rabl has a habit of getting mad at Fifa 15. A little too mad. As someone who suffers from the occasional bout of flailing, wailing gamer rage, I can identify. Rabl's solution? A shock collar -- yes, the kind intended to keep dogs from barking -- that gives him a quick jolt when he gets too loud. It looks... uncomfortable.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2015's motto is "The Pitch Is Ours". It's a rallying cry to purists, fans of the sport who want their game to play like the real thing, not just look like it. It's also accurate: in almost every respect, Konami's game plays better than EAs. But that doesn't matter.


Dear lord, I don't often post about sport on Kotaku, but man -- this goal. This goal is just ridiculous. I can't rest, nay won't rest until FIFA allows me to at least try and score goals like this, although I have no idea how it could possibly be implemented.


Anyone who follows the English Premier League will be aware that Diego Costa has had a blistering start to his first season with Chelsea, scoring nine goals already, seven in his first four games. YouTuber Fifizlo has, brilliantly, managed to replicate all nine of his goals using FIFA 15. When you match them up to the real life commentary, it's solid gold.


As someone who plays FIFA fairly regularly during its typical release date in September, then abandons it for the slew of big releases in October/November, I always find it hard to judge the changes made on a year to year basis -- because by the time the new game comes out, I've usually forgotten what the previous game was like!


Did you ever play football/soccer as a kid? If so, you'll know that there is a single formation and tactic that's used across the planet. Namely, everyone runs straight at the ball. It's a tactic that's drummed out of you by your teens, but it seems to have snuck back into FIFA 15 on the PC, and is now affecting some of the best players on the planet.


Sebastien Enrique is the lead producer on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 15. He's been at EA Sports since FIFA 06 -- in other words, when the series was still awful - and he's been there to see its rise to greatness.