A New Sporting Sensation, Perfectly Replicated In FIFA 15

Anyone who follows the English Premier League will be aware that Diego Costa has had a blistering start to his first season with Chelsea, scoring nine goals already, seven in his first four games. YouTuber Fifizlo has, brilliantly, managed to replicate all nine of his goals using FIFA 15. When you match them up to the real life commentary, it's solid gold.

I honestly don't know how he did it. It's difficult enough for me to simply score in FIFA, let alone replicate certain goals score by certain players at specific times. This guy is a goddamn FIFA mastermind.

It's just so cool. A great idea, and something I've never actually seen done before, and done so well.


    That's some pretty sweet sportsball.

    would have loved to see a side by side of the actual goals because I have no context here :'(

      would've been cool if they spliced in the actual goals

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