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Some days, it can seem like every force in the universe is against you. This FIFA player must have done something in a past life, as for thirty straight seconds, as he lands the most improbable non-goal possible in FIFA 17.


September is officially past us, which means the latest version of FIFA is now out on store shelves. But there was a big question mark hanging over this year's FIFA: would the change to DICE's Frostbite engine spell the end of the hilarious glitches bringing players together in so many, many wonderful ways?

The answer: no. Not by a long shot.


Iceland, whose fairy-tale trip to the business end of Euro 2016 was one of the tournament's highlights, should be in this year's edition of FIFA. But they're not, following a dispute with EA over how much Iceland's football association would be paid for the team's rights.


Across the Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku staffers we have a lot of gamers with a lot of different preferences. But one of us has been scarred with the unshakeable tag of Dudebro: our publisher Danny. He plays FIFA to death every year. He even plays UFC, bless his heart. And we all give him copious amounts of shit. Because while he might point to a past love of StarCraft and his aptitude with coding, deep down, Danny's a Bro Gamer.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Hell, I've spent nearly 400 hours playing a cricket game. And when the year is done and dusted, gamers like Danny might end up being the happiest of all. Because if you think about it, 2016 is an amazing year to be a Bro Gamer.


One of the largest football teams in the German Bundesliga, FC Schalke 04, has dug deeper into the world of esports this week by announcing the new members of their squad: a professional FIFA (the video game) team.


E3 is finally coming to a close, and now that we've had a few days to digest the conferences and all the footage: what are we most excited for?

I asked everyone around the office as to what demos and trailers piqued their interest at the annual conference, and here's what they had to say.