fortnite world cup

  • The Fortnite World Cup Was A Kids’ Paradise

    The people who filled Queens, New York’s Arthur Ashe tennis stadium for this weekend’s Fortnite World Cup were people who love Fortnite, or at least those people and their parents. The bulk of the attendees I saw were young kids, swimming in soccer shorts and baggy Fortnite t-shirts. They performed the game’s emote dances. They…

  • Fortnite World Cup Crowd Cheers Defeat Of Notorious Cheater

    Fortnite fans have had mixed opinions of North American East duo XXiF and Ronaldo since they qualified for this weekend’s World Cup Finals after serving a 14-day ban for cheating. At the Duos finals on the weekend, the crowd booed XXiF when he appeared on the feed, then cheered when he was eliminated.

  • Previously Banned Fortnite Duo Qualifies For World Cup Finals

    Yesterday, Fortnite duo Damion “XXiF” Cook and Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach qualified for the World Cup by placing third with 91 points in the eighth week of North America East duo competition. On May 3, both players were temporarily banned from Fortnite and were dropped by their esports team, Rise Nation, for alleged cheating in previous…