• Nvidia And AMD’s Nerdiest Fight Is The One That Matters Most

    At CES earlier this month, Nvidia and AMD traded words, with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang saying his GPUs would “crush” AMD’s newly announce Radeon VII. AMD CEO Lisa Su was more measured in her response, but she didn’t pass up the opportunity to make a dig at Nvidia, noting that when her company finally adopts…

  • Everything Nvidia Announced At CES 2019

    CES is more of a generalist tech show than a Computex or something like Gamescom, and as a result it’s where Nvidia tends to talk about more about robotics and self-driving cars. But their CES keynote yesterday ended up being all about gaming, with a few surprise turns and announcements.

  • Xbox One Consoles Can Start Testing FreeSync

    FreeSync isn’t the kind of technology that you see in TVs an awful lot. It does, however, appear quite frequently in computer monitors. And if you happen to have an Xbox One or Xbox One X plugged into your PC monitor, then you’ll finally be able to take advantage of something rather neat.