ghost trick

  • It’s OK To Love ‘Bad’ Art

    It’s OK To Love ‘Bad’ Art

    The further I get from my childhood, the closer I come to articulating what I miss about it. Through the confusing fog of nostalgia, it’s easy to mix up what you thought you loved, with what you actually loved. I don’t miss being a kid — I’m both taller and funnier as an adult —…

  • 2011 In Games: Curling Up With Ghost Trick

    While game news is light, and we’re reminiscing on a gaming year gone by, I thought I’d take the time to write about the games that defined my year. They weren’t necessarily classics — some I absolutely hated, some I fell head over heels for, but they’re all worth discussing. First up: Ghost Trick.

  • DSi XL And Ghost Trick – A Winner Is YOU

    This was one of the most difficult competitions I’ve had to judge – mainly due to the ridiculous volume of entries, but also because of the quality. When I go through these things I usually rustle it down to a shortlist. This time the shortlist had 25 posts. Choosing the final five was very, very…