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Even though Humble Bundle is no longer the independent little outfit we grew up with, they're still offering bundles that donate to charity every other fortnight. And their latest bundle is worthy of some attention, because it's all Australian.


Hand of Fate raised plenty of money on Kickstarter, and last time we checked in with the board game that was doing well on Kickstarter too. The campaign has since come to a close. Have a guess how well you think it did.


Australia has a long, proud history of making video games extending back to the (figurative) dawn of time. But while plenty of gamers will remember the days of Shane Warne Cricket and our contributions to much more serious genres (like Dark Reign and Krush, Kill N Destroy), contributions over the last couple of years are sometimes forgotten.

So to help celebrate our national day of not being at work and generally overeating, here's a look at 7 of the best Australian games of recent times.


Australia no longer has a foot in the AAA industry, so it's natural that our video games wouldn't take the sideways step into other mediums or properties.

But every now and again, you get a surprise. And one such surprise at PAX Australia came from Defiant Development and Rule & Make, who have joined forces to turn the charismatic indie into a board game.


The 2015 Australian hybrid card game and action role-playing game Hand of Fate was surprisingly good, if a bit rough-edged. It built a following, sold some 400,000 copies on PC and console, added 1.5 million more through a free Xbox Games with Gold promotion and was successful enough that it's getting a slicker sequel that was shown off behind closed doors at last month's Game Developers Conference.


The latter months of 2014 was marked by a string of big-name releases being delayed, and February was the month when they started to drop. But as it turned out, some of them dropped more than just a release date.


Take one part deck-building card game, add one part Choose Your Own Adventure novel, and shuffle with a little light action combat -- that's the deck composition of Hand of Fate, a unique twist on card-based role-playing now available on Steam and PlayStation 4.