Aussie-Developed Hand Of Fate Is Heavily Discounted On Steam

Aussie-Developed Hand Of Fate Is Heavily Discounted On Steam

Comfortably nestled in Brisbane (weather permitting), Defiant Development has seen great success on PC and mobile, with both Hand of Fate and Ski Safari kicking goals. The former title is currently 66 per cent off on Steam, which means you can grab it for the delicious price of $US8.49.

It’s closer to $12 in local currency, but still significantly cheaper than the game’s regular price of $US24.99 ($33.60).

Hand of Fate‘s DLC, Wildcards and soundtrack are also on sale for the same discount and picking them all up together will set you back $US12.89 ($17.33).

If you’ve yet to pick up the game, now’s a good time. It’s a Steam Daily Deal, though “Daily” is used loosely here as the discount is good for another 40 hours (at the time of writing).

Hand of Fate [Steam]


  • Good times. Needs multiplayer. Deckbuilding synergy is small untill way waaay later unless youre using a walkthrough or some kind of wizard

  • Kind of ridiculous that I have to use a foreign currency to buy a locally made game :-/

  • Nah, I disagree. I played it in early access and it’s only gotten better and better as the game has gone on. There’s some excellent strategy in the game to unlock tokens and progress through the game.

    It’s a fantastic game, and when I talked to the devs at PAX they were awesome friendly people who were really keen to just talk about their game and their efforts in making it.

    I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

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