Switch Accessory Turns Your Joy-Cons Into A Very Good Dog

When the Nintendo Switch was revealed last year, one of the most significant observations was how much the Charging Grip with a pair of Joy-Cons attached looked like a robot dog. Hyperkin’s Pupper Switch controller attachment follows that line of thinking to its adorable conclusion.

Hyperkin X91 Retro Controller Review: Past Imperfect

Over the past three decades console game controllers have evolved from utilitarian rectangles to sleek works of ergonomic engineering art. Hyperkin’s retro-styled X91 wired controller for Xbox One and PC is what would have happened if that evolution had taken a less comfortable turn.

One Way To Solve The Oculus Rift’s Gun Problem

As wonderful as the Oculus Rift is, it’s not without its challenges. One of the more noticeable, at least if you’re playing a shooter, is that even though your head is now free to roam, your gun is stuck to your viewpoint and/or reliant on traditional controls.