• Now Even Your Christmas Tree Can Run Doom

    Now Even Your Christmas Tree Can Run Doom

    If you’re not into decking the halls with shimmering baubles or cutesy Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, Jeroen Domburg has created a fantastically nerdy alternative: a tiny retro desktop PC ornament complete with a working screen that actually plays Doom.

  • How Quantum Computing Will Change Video Games

    It’s not just the next generation of consoles on the horizon. Researchers are also working on making quantum computing a possibility, opening all sorts of doors not possible with today’s silicon. But what does that mean for video games?

  • The Biggest Moments In Tech Of 2016

    Virtual reality finally arrived. Self-driving cars started wandering streets and past red lights. SpaceX aborted a rocket launch four times within a week. Samsung started strong with the Galaxy S7 and finished with the Note7 nuking itself into orbit while you slept. We had new graphics cards, and most of them were pretty damn good.…