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I thought I was done playing Diablo III, a game I happily zipped through as a demon hunter when it came out on PS4. I played with friends, cleared the story, hit level 70, barely understood what Adventure Mode and Paragon Points were and put it down. That was more than a year ago.


The new Amplitude isn't an evolution of the track-mixing music gameplay that made the original and its predecessor, Frequency, so popular with rhythm game fans. It's almost exactly the same, and that's perfect.


When you're an innocent anthropomorphic animal accused of murder in 1840s France it doesn't matter if your defence attorney has an insatiable hunger for worms, as long as he also has a thirst . . . for justice.


The Summoner class in Blade & Soul, NCsoft's latest massively multiplayer Korean import, get to choose a feline companion to fight by their side for the rest of their days. There are other classes to play in the current closed beta, but they are not important.