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No matter how good a horror movie is, it'll never quite match the horrifying feeling of being in control of the main character's desperate struggle for survival. Horror games are uniquely terrifying for their interactivity - you're not allowed to just close your eyes when things get scary. Here's our pick of the five scariest horror games every horror junkie needs to play.


One of the most enduring character archetypes, one that adds a zesty burst of horror to any game, is the psychotic artist. You know the type: the dapper, urbane, well-spoken aesthete who values art above life and moans about critics who simply don't understand their brilliant work. No one truly appreciates their genius, therefore they must work outside the boundaries of law and morality that restrain lesser beings such as you and I.


Layers of Fear: Inheritance is the new DLC for Bloober Team's surprisingly good horror game Layers of Fear, now out for PC and consoles. Taking place long after the main game, you play as the daughter of a manic painter returning to her childhood home in search of answers. What really happened to your father? Could it happen again to you?


I'm walking through a damp, dingy corridor and somewhere a woman is crying. The sound makes me nervous but I can't quite figure out why. And then she appears -- a female figure, disfigured and indistinct, twitching in a way no human being moves. I stare for one second too long and then she has me -- she's in my face, attacking, ripping and tearing my flesh as the screen fades to black. But I'm not playing P.T.