mario kart 7

  • New Glitch Leads To Fastest Mario Kart 7 Track Time

    Did you know Daisy has a cruise ship? And also that it’s full of holes? Nearly eight years after the game’s release, Mario Kart 7 players have found a new way to glitch through the vessel’s hull and complete the course in under a minute. That’s the shortest time of any track in all of…

  • Reader Review: Mario Kart 7

    Opinions: our readers have them. Today’s reader review comes from a regular contributor to the site, Tristan Damen. Tristan has adopted a more traditional approach for today’s review, snubbing the Kotaku format for something a bit different *shakes fist*. Read what he thinks of Mario Kart 7 and share your own opinions in the comments!

  • Community Review: Mario Kart 7

    As it comes closer to Christmas, and the new releases have all but dried up it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find games to use for Community Review. Mario Kart 7 was probably the last major release of the year — what did you guys think?