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With Monster Hunter World out of the way, the bulk of January comes to a close. There's still a few major releases this week - the latest UFC game among them - but for the most part it's an opportunity for the indies to shine.


Fan artists exist in a legal grey area. In order to make a living, they often sell items that bear the image of characters they don't own the rights to. Many times they slide under the radar - I own bootleg Harry Potter and Dragon Age merch that I've bought at conventions. But making and selling these pins, patches and mugs can cause trouble for the original creators of the works that inspired them.


Video games have a spotty history when it comes to addressing mental health. Often, people with mental health issues are demonized, portrayed as the nefarious villains in games like Outlast or Far Cry 3. In other games, mental health is reduced a sanity meter or other mechanic, such as in Amnesia or Darkest Dungeon. But 2017's Night in the Woods presents a different way of looking at mental health in games.


With a successful Kickstarter campaign and charming art, Night In The Woods was always gonna have a built in fanbase. But the Steam reviews show it's resonating with players outside of that. Also, that Steam users love to tell good jokes.


In development for over three and a half years, Night in the Woods came out last week and has been making waves with its unique art style and intimate take on daily life in a small, stagnant town. And the game's soundtrack, which Riley MacLeod called "intensely beautiful" in Kotaku's review, is a big part of that. The man behind the music is Alec Holowka and this is his desk.


Depending who you are, you'll either want to hang out with Night in the Woods' characters all the time or tell them to get off your lawn. The game is small enough to feel intimate and spacious enough to cater to different kinds of curious people. It may feel different for everyone who plays it.


The dialogue, the animation, the music -- so far I am loving everything about Night in the Woods, but as a rhythm game fan there's one sequence that's particularly near and dear to my heart. Let's rock out.