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Matt Hall is, by almost every definition of the word, 'successful'. 50 million downloads and $10 million later, Crossy Road is probably his most high profile success, but it's one of many. Of the seven games Matt has released on iOS a mind-boggling five have made it to the number one spot.

How does he do it? Well, he has a few rules and he follows them to the letter.


I don't play mobile games. I avoid them, and have the same reaction to the term as some behind-the-times people who stick their noses up at videogames in general. But the latest few releases have me spending a lot more time than I'd like on the Tiny Screen.


Hipster Whale had many suitors after Crossy Road's success, hoping to have their retro romps reinvented with modern game design. But when Bandai Namco came knocking with the idea for Pac-Man 256, studio co-founder Matt Hall couldn't refuse -- and he was kind enough to share a few details with us about the upcoming endless maze.