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I went to a few panels at PAX Australia this year, but one of my personal favourites was "What's Driving The Future Of PC Gaming", which featured an all-star cast including the man behind Star Citizen, Chris Roberts. Listening to a number of smart people discuss the future of the PC as a gaming device was a pleasure. Here were some of my favourite insights from the panel.


I thought this week it might be worth taking time out from the endless cycle of major releases to take a look at a game I totally don't understand, but completely respect. That game is World of Tanks.


I was lucky enough to feature on a number of panels at PAX Australia but, being honest, the Religion and Spirituality in Video Games panel was probably my favourite. Put together by freelancer (and sometime Kotaku contributor) Patrick Stafford I had an absolute blast taking part. Thankfully he recorded the discussion and you can listen to it here!


"I can't look at them," says Chris. "I haven't looked at them yet. I'd probably start crying or something."

Chris Johnson had a cool idea. At PAX Australia he'd ask everyone who spent time playing his video game to write down, on a post-it note, one single word that defined their experience. One single word to describe the game he's currently working on: Expand.


I don’t think I was the only journalist harbouring a little trepidation.

In the context, in the midst of the culture war that is #gamergate (hashtag ‘Gamergate’) I wasn’t sure what to expect. A bludgeoning? Verbal assaults? This was PAX Australia. This was to be a congregation filled with people who play video games seriously, who take video games seriously. At the very least I expected to be cornered at some point and asked that question turned statement turned meme:

“What about ethics in video game journalism?”


So PAX Australia has been put to bed. It's all over. I can honestly say that it absolutely outperformed all my expectations. I'm not usually a fan of sweatbox conventions, but the vibe at PAX, the people and the panels were absolutely fantastic. But more about that later, for now -- this is what you missed on Kotaku over the weekend.


In the red corner... the heart, soul and PR Voice of Bethesda -- and keynote speaker at this year's PAX Australia -- Pete Hines. In the blue corner, Magic: The Gathering’s Director of Research and Development, and ex-professional Magic player Aaron Forsythe!

This Saturday, at PAX Australia, these two are facing off against one another in a Magic: The Gathering contest for the ages.


If you're lucky enough to have a media badge at PAX, you get the chance to head into the venue an hour early. This time is best used scoping things out, getting your bearings, checking out a few things before the crowds get in. But my absolute favourite part of getting in early is getting to watch the exact moment when everyone else is allowed in. It's like a goddamn stampede.


As you are probably well aware PAX Australia is in full flow. I'm currently sitting in a corner trying to connect to Wi-Fi and bashing out some stories. Consider this a public service announcement: if you want to keep track on what's going on at PAX Australia but couldn't actually make it, there are actually a number of Twitch livestreams that'll allow you to keep tabs on the show floor and watch a number of really cool panels.


You’re scared. You keep turning on the internet and finding ebola getting closer and closer to home. You remember reading about that “Spanish Flu" thing a couple of times in high school. One time you got a cold and you thought you were going to die. You wash your hands, like, I mean you really wash your hands after you pee. Your immune system is running on Windows 95. And this weekend you’re going to PAX Australia.

You’re probably going to catch something.


We've just gotten word from local PAX man Guy Blomberg that PAX Australia will remain in Melbourne for the next five years. So if you're from Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else for that matter, time to stock up on those frequent flyer points. Apparently the PAX guys like Australia's most liveable city for some reason.