You Can Watch Some Of The Best PAX Panels Here

Much like yesterday, some of today's most interesting panels are being streamed live on Twitch.

You can find the schedule above. At this point you've most like missed the 'Penny Arcade - Make a Strip section', which kinda sucks, but the rest of the streaming schedule looks pretty top notch. I'm heading to the 'What's Driving The Future Of PC Gaming' panel for sure. Watch live video from PAX on

Enjoy! And if you see me at PAX today, give me a shout!


    Any idea if these streams will still be available after the show? Was hoping to look up a couple that I missed/will miss :P

      this... would love to get a chance to watch them afterwards.

    We want to see Marky!

      Pretty sure he'll be at the Australian Games Industry panel tomorrow afternoon, it's not in the main theatre though (It's in Wombat I think) so I'm not sure if it'll be streamed.

        Then I am going to visit him myself, face to face! Tremble my wrath! (?)

        Last edited 01/11/14 10:59 pm

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