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Well into the evening hours, I went out to a bar. Between glasses of barely mixed booze, just past a lanky fellow with a glowing sabre, I saw him. He was statuesque, decked out in leather and pierced all over, and wreathed by a rich, black mane. He was a hybrid, half man, half lion. He was ripped to hell. And what he really wanted was for me to tie him up.


We've had one big release this month and we won't get the second until next week. I'm talking about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, although people will be plenty occupied until then.

Because while the amount of new releases might be thin on the ground this week, there's plenty of quality.


This holiday season, I received the most precious gift of all: a bit of free time. I ended up using it mostly to play an ungodly amount of Fallout 4 (it's alright), but also to check out a handful of Steam games from last year that I never quite got around to.