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It's that weird time of year when it isn't Christmas except everyone thinks it's OK to play Christmas music (it isn't, by the way). Before you get inundated with new games from gifts and Steam sales, here were some of our favourite games from November.


It's been a busy season for major game releases, with plenty more to come before the year is out. If you're thinking of binging on the latest big game over the weekend or looking to pick up some new games for the holidays, here's a roundup of what we thought of this spring's games, from newest to oldest.


Happy spring, readers! The weather is getting warmer, but it's still just cool enough to curl up inside and play video games. Here's all the new games the Kotaku staff enjoyed in September.


A lot of great games came out in May, from reboots of classics to new team-based shooters to the end of a dashing adventure series. Take a look at some of our favourite games from the last month.


We got some big games this past month, including Dark Souls III, the new Ratchet & Clank and the Banner Saga sequel, to name just a few. But those three are just a small part of the two dozen games we've looked at, and loved, in April. Have a look.