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Today is Pokémon Day, the 22nd anniversary of the Japanese release of Pokémon Red and Green. The Pokémon Company's got a bunch of treats lined up for fans, from a new Snapchat filter to a special Pikachu showing up in Pokémon GO. My favourite? This giant-sized Charizard Pokémon Gallery figure.


Snapchat has started featuring its first multi-level video game, a retro tennis title based on Serena Williams' 22 major tennis victories, each with its own level. And, for an 8-bit Gatorade-sponsored ad buried beneath ESPN's Snapchat Discover stories (baseball player Carlos Gomez running into a wall and a stack of kids sliding down a hill on a piece of cardboard), Serena Match Point killed it on the fashion. 10/10.


You might not be playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 anymore, but plenty of people still are, and they have noticed something really weird. Poster art has been subtly changed, and it appears to be linked to a reveal for the next Call of Duty.