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One of the missions in Legacy of the Void's campaign is on a forest moon called "Endion" and it involves shield generators and orbital battle stations. Sounds familiar? It's also a game made by Blizzard, and they love hiding easter eggs everywhere, so Ewoks from Return of the Jedi just fit perfectly.


With Legacy of the Void and its 3.0 pre-patch, a couple of big changes are coming to the game's interface. The new, revamped UI looks fantastic, but there's some bad news as well: Replays made before the patch will no longer be supported. Aw, crap.


The closed beta for StarCraft II's second and final expansion, Legacy of the Void, launched two days ago, and while the game is in early development and it's still evolving, there are already a lot of awesome ideas and changes in effect. After two days of playing, here are seven of my favourite ones.