• The Gaming Shelf Is Not a Demon… Yet

    The Gaming Shelf Is Not a Demon… Yet

    October might be over, but spooky season lasts until Thanksgiving in my house. While people are returning from Big Bad Con and getting over their candy-induced sugar highs, I’ve been collecting TTRPGs like dice sets, and I’m thrilled to share some excellent picks from across the indie-verse.

  • A Dramatic Podcast Fills In The Gaps Of Fallout 76’s Broken World

    Fallout 76 didn’t have much of a storyline when it was released in November 2018. Its world was full of interesting little details, but bereft of living, breathing characters. Instead, it tasked players with creating their own narratives. Some role-played as cannibals, others joined cults. One person decided to try and weave these player experiences…