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Yesterday, Wildcard's dinosaur extravaganza Ark: Survival Evolved finally launched after two years in early access development. Things didn't get off to the smoothest of starts, however, with several unforeseen technical issues leading to the game's official servers coming online later than expected. Eventually, that issue was resolved, but players almost immediately ran into another: There simply don't appear to be enough servers to go around.


Remember when Studio Wildcard said it was going to wipe the Ark: Survival Evolved servers prior to launch, and then it said it wouldn't? Well, now it's going to wipe some of them -- and it's withdrawing customer support for surviving servers after the retail version hits August 29. Is your head spinning yet?


On Monday July 17th, we received an email about Ark: Survival Evolved, offering an interview with its developer Studio Wildcard to discuss a major change. Wildcard would today announce, we were told, that all official game servers would be wiped at launch, despite previously pledging that this would never happen.


Part of what's made Ark: Survival Evolved such a big hit is the blend of Stone Age tropes and resource gathering. Players feel like they're surviving by their wits. Would the same mechanics feel as good on the moon? A new mod aims to give players the chance to find out.