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Controversial arcade game player Billy Mitchell's record scores have been removed from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards following a dispute earlier this year that many were performed using an arcade emulator. The ruling, which comes after a lengthy arbitration process, also bans Mitchell from further participation on the leaderboards, bringing an end to the King of Kong star's high-score glory.


A prominent Donkey Kong forum has removed some scores supposedly earned by legendary arcade game player Billy Mitchell after evidence that there was possible foul play. Mitchell's scores, which had set world records in Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., had been recognised by the forum for eight years.


The current world record for the Atari 2600 racing game Dragster is 5.51 seconds. Thirty-five years after it was set, nobody has beaten or even tied it on official leaderboards. One speedrunner who has examined the game's inner workings believes that world record to be impossible, but the game's creator thinks it's legitimate. For now, the Dragster record is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the golden age of video games.