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If you've played any of Creative Assembly's Total War games, you've certainly seen your fair share of massive battles. But they're always limited by internal caps so the strategy is manageable and well, your PC doesn't explode. The developers are taking the gloves off with the introduction of a new game mode, called "The Laboratory", which will allow you to do utterly, utterly mad things within Total War: Warhammer 2.


This year was a terrible year for the planet, but a good year for my own personal nostalgia. Spiritual successors, updates and remasters dominated my playtime, but I also pushed my boundaries in terms of the types of games I typically play. I’m counting that as personal growth.

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 games for 2016, in vaguely ascending order.


It's been a few years in the making and according to Creative Assembly, they'll be working on it for a decade. I'm talking Total War: Warhammer, of course, the latest iteration of the British developer's tactical strategy game and the latest title to make use of the Games Workshop franchise.


AMD and Creative Assembly made a big deal of their partnership earlier this year, especially when the British studio talked about all the benefits DirectX 12 would offer. But while things are looking nice and rosy for Team Red, those with NVIDIA cards are having to play a little bit of catch-up.


It's been in the works for a while, and as of tomorrow the latest iteration of the Total War series. (Let's all just agree to call it Total Warhammer to save everyone time.) And because Creative Assembly went to the effort of leveraging the classic Games Workshop franchise, it's not hard to say that Warhammer might be the most anticipated Total War game yet.

But it's also highly intriguing from a technical perspective. Total War games feature a lot of units and they're pretty damn good at pushing your computer to the limit. Unfortunately, they don't seem terribly great at pushing SLI setups to the limit.


The news that the Chaos Warriors would be gated off from next year's Total War: Warhammer didn't sit well with many readers, and as it turns out Total War fans and Warhammer nuts were also less than pleased.

"In the studio it's sparked off a huge "wtf do we do about it" debate," Mike Simpson, creative director on Total War: Warhammer, wrote in a new blog post. It's part of Creative Assembly's attempt to repair the negative image that quickly surrounded the pre-order model -- although the developers are quick to stress that they understand not everyone will see their point of view.


SEGA and Creative Assembly today pushed out a release date for Total War: Warhammer. That's great -- even if it's not coming out until next year.

But what's more annoying is the news they paired alongside it: the Chaos Warriors. If you want them, you'll either have to pre-order or pay afterwards. And not just one or two warriors, but the whole faction.