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You've spent a handful of hours scurrying around thick jungles, frozen snow fields, and gloopy swamps to find enough shiny gold book pages to complete Yooka-Laylee. But wait! The game wants you to collect even more. Thankfully, with some out of bounds trickery, you can ignore that and skip to the final boss.


Yooka-Laylee recaptures some of the best aspects of platforming. You run, jump and climb your way around dazzling levels. But it also tries too hard to recreate the past without building upon the lessons old games taught us. We take a closer look in this critical video.


It's time to find coins up hill and down dale. Welcome to Yooka-Laylee week. But there's plenty more coming out as well, including a new party game from the makers of The Order: 1886, a seriously good spear game on the Vita, and one of the best RPGs ever made returns.


Yooka-Laylee is a bright and enthusiastic throwback to classic 3D platforming. It is adventurous and full of discoveries. It is silly and irreverent, never taking itself seriously. But it also wears out its welcome fast, spiraling players into a ceaseless collectathon full of frustrating puzzles, technical difficulties, and aimlessness. It has brought back the best of 3D platforming, but also the worst.


This morning's big news: the crowdfunded 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee will be out on April 11, which should be right in time for Nintendo Switch and a new 3D Mario game. Will 2017 be the Year Of 3D Platformers? No, probably not. But a man can dream.


It's only available to select backers from the original Kickstarter campaign, but if you qualify you'll be able to see how Yooka-Laylee's engine and animations are coming along this weekend.