Thursday, April 30, 2009
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EA Sports: Note To Self, Must Do Better On Wii

File this under “insightful”: EA Sports boss and part-time tattoo aficionado Peter Moore has told Eurogamer that his brand is under-performing on Nintendo’s dominant home console.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Sells A Million

Tucked away within Ubisoft’s financial results announcements from yesterday was news that Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. had moved a million copies worldwide since launch last month.

Yes, There Will Be More Shaun White Snowboarding

While Shaun White Snowboarding wasn’t the best game of last fall, it is one of the best selling games. The multi-platform game sold 3 million copies. You know what that means?

Darwinia, Defcon Devs Talk About Their "Truly Terrible" 2008

Introversion’s Chris Delay has – in a continuation of the company’s earlier decision to “tell all” about their recent operational dealings – posted an account of the company’s recent woes.

The Dog-Sledding MMORPG

Forget Night Elves and Orks! Korean developer DevCat Studios has something different in store with its latest MMORPG Husky Express: dog-sledding.

When Half-Life Meets Tenacious D

“G-Man’s Last Breath” is a song by Jonathan Lewis, who it appears is as big a fan of the Half-Life universe as he is overblown rock epics.

Get Your Free Dawn Of War II Soundtrack

I’ll be honest, while I liked Dawn of War II, I can’t even remember the game’s score. Never mind. I’ll refresh my memory by downloading the soundtrack for free.

City Of Heroes Brings Dead Accounts Back To Life

Just like you can’t kill a real superhero, it seems you can’t kill a City of Heroes character either, as it’s been announced that all the game’s expired accounts are being brought back online.

Sony: PS3 Will Dominate In 3~5 Years

Is this the year the PS3 takes the top spot? Or is it next year? While the pundits gaze into their crystal balls, soon-to-retire Sony exec David Reeves thinks he’s got the answer.

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