The Sequel: 2QWOP

QWOP, the notorious, accursed and "most realistic simulation" of the 100m dash ever made, has a sequel. 2QWOP now delivers two-player split-screen multiplayer, good for settling stupid bets and drunken taunts among friends.

In 2QWOP, the top player uses QWER to move his athletes thigh and calf muscles, while the second player uses UIOP. That ought to make for some intimate encounters. I want to see the savant capable of playing both runners, left-handed and right-handed. I'm sure there's someone out there.

2QWOP [via DualShockers]


    I may as well punch my screen now.

      But now you can punch the screen with a friend!

        or BOTH HANDS

    Screen punchers, coming to a cinema near you.


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