Cosplaying QWOP Properly Is Much Harder Than Playing It

Anyone can strike a pose, but to properly cosplay the out-of-control virtual athlete of brilliant flash game QWOP, one has to be in total control of their real body, like this guy right here. The footage was captured by YouTube user ProTekProductions at Anime North 2013.

Comparing the cosplayers' performance to last year's event, his routine got much much better, easily topping the valiant try of this fellow back during Comic Con 2011.

Let's just hope he won't switch to Surgeon Simulator next year.

QWOP Cosplayer at Anime North 2013 [YouTube]


    What the hell am I watching Kotaku?

    EDIT: Its rhetorical (can't believe I have to type this, thought people on Kotaku would be smarter than this).

    Last edited 01/06/13 10:57 pm

      Exactly what the title said? Why ask that when it's SO painfully obvious?

      *Edit* If that was rhetorical, I must say, don't you think that was a pretty crappy rhetorical question given the description, the title and the video and the fact it was abundantly clear what it was? *shrug*

      Don't bother answering, that was rhetorical too :)

      Last edited 02/06/13 12:34 am

    This was actually an awesome post as I hadn't seen this and anyone who has spent time with QWOP knows this is spot on.. Im not into cosplay but this is my style. Funny stuff.

    Bloody perfect! hahaa

    This video is amazing!

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