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Lucas-Approved Show From The Robot Chicken Guys Mercilessly Mocks Star Wars

File this one under: “What the hell do I even do with this information?” The guys behind Robot Chicken (including Joker himself, Seth Green) are making a new animated show called Star Wars Detours that will mercilessly, if lovingly, mock Star Wars. George Lucas has even given them his stamp of approval.

Is this terrible? Glorious? Hilarious? Not funny? I can’t even tell. All of the Star Wars stuff from the past 30 years has finally come full circle, crashed into itself in my brain, and exploded.

Here are some clips:

From the report at E! Online:

“Lucas was sitting at a desk and said, ‘You guys think you’re pretty f**king funny, don’t you?'” Green remembers. “‘So, how about we do something funny together?'”


New Star Wars Series: Seth Green and Robot Chicken Crew Previews Detours For Fans [E! Online]

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