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Happy 20th Birthday, Harley Quinn! You Get To Celebrate With This Stunning Statue

I mean, she should be right? The Dark Knight’s always beating up on her puddin’ and spoiling all her psychotic, malicious fun. But, darn if she doesn’t look downright flirty here, in a new statue coming from DC Collectibles.

The piece — sculpted by Jack Matthews — stands about 9.25 inches tall and sports the character design that debuted in the Harley-centric DLC that came out for Batman: Arkham City earlier this past summer.

Come to think about it, Harley — who celebrates a 20th anniversary this after being introduced in the classic Batman animated series in 1992 — knows better than to bat her eyelashes at Bruce Wayne’s masked alter ego. She knows what her beloved Mr. J — who’s tattooed right there on her hip — would do to her if she even entertained the thought. So, have a party, Dr Quinnzel. Try not to kill anybody, OK?

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