Sony Discusses Aussie Planetside 2 Issues And Our 'Crazy' Download and Bandwidth Caps

Australian dedicated servers tend to be pretty rare, but Planetside 2 has them, and that’s pretty cool. Recently, however, the servers seemed to be running into some issues and Sony’s response gave us a pretty interesting insight into just how difficult it is to set these things up in our country.

“I want to iterate what transpired in one spot so it’s clear what occurred here,” said Veratu, posting on Planetside 2′ official forums. “Before I do, let me re-state that every region that PlanetSide 2 runs in is configured, designed, and built the same from a hardware and infrastructure perspective. There is no one region that has a “better” setup than another. The only thing that differentiates them is physical locations in the world.

“That being said, this deployment into Australia was definitely a unique experience. You guys have some very unusual laws and limitations that we simply don’t see anywhere else in the world. (ISPs cap your bandwidth and download amounts? That’s crazy! I personally will be investigating ways to make that better, if it’s possible, with regard to our games.)”

Veratu then went on to explain, in great detail, some of the issues Planetside 2 had in Australia and how the team at Sony Online Entertainment went about solving them.

But regardless, it’s interesting to see that we’re not all crazy when we complain about ISPs in Australia!

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