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Disney's Got A Patent For An AR Console

Last year, Kotaku reported on Disney’s Toy Box, noting that it was pumping serious money into the concept. A new patent suggests it may be a new portable AR games system.

CNET reports on the patent (it’s this one, if reading patents gets you all excited) which Disney applied for last year, covering a device that captures an image of a scene and then displays an augmented scene for the purposes of gameplay.

It’s always feasible that this is just a defensive patent and no product will come from it; equally it could be that Disney’s got some kind of AR games play ready to unleash in 2013. The problem there is that, to date, while we’ve seen AR games for the 3DS and Smartphones, very few of them have had much in the way of “games” behind them. Perhaps that won’t matter for the kinds of very young audiences Disney tends to target — although it should. What do you think? [CNET]

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