Sydney Is Currently Covered In A Layer Of N64 Level Fog

I grew up in Scotland, so I’m used to fog, but in Sydney? It’s a rare occurence. So when I rocked up to the Kotaku office this morning, located in Circular Quay, in the midst of a fog so dense I couldn’t even see the Sydney Harbour Bridge it brought back memories. N64 memories.

I’ll never forget loading up Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the first time. ‘What the hell is this,’ I remember asking myself. ‘Why can’t I see five feet in front of me!’ Then I sort of just tried to justify it to myself. ‘This is dinosaur times,’ I told myself. ‘Of course the entire world is doused in a permanent fog.’

Sydney sort of looks like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter this morning. In the opening pic you can barely make out the iconic Sydney Opera House. Barely. Normally it’s as clear as day at this range, but today it’s just the barest of outlines.

And believe it or not, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is supposed to be in this picture. How is that even possible? I’ve never seen the likes.

I guess if we just walk a little closer the textures will pop in to view.


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