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Mike Tyson Is In The New UFC Game

Mike Tyson, the boxer, has just been announced as a character in the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2.

Does this make any sense at all? Does it matter? These are difficult questions.

I’m a fan of the decision. It probably makes about as much sense as adding Bruce Lee to the roster in the first EA Sports UFC, so it’s difficult to get too narky about this decision. EA has been pretty clever at bringing mainstream martial artists into the mix to help boost the series to an audience less invested in MMA as a sport. Tyson is a good choice in that regard.

Partly because of his status but also because in recent years Tyson has become somewhat of a fixture in the UFC. He’s been attending shows, flying around with Dana White on his private jet. Recently he was asked what advice he would give to aspiring boxers and he replied, “go to MMA”.

We’ve also seen Tyson catching up with fighters like Ronda Rousey and Jonny Hendricks.

The love flows both ways. Most MMA fighters today grew up watching Tyson and it’s interesting to watch them meet Tyson and get starstruck. UFC Light Heavyweight Glover Texiera might be Tyson’s biggest fan.

EA released a whole bunch of fun videos with MMA fighters talking about Tyson and his impact.

Here’s ex-Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten:

And here’s UFC President Dana White:

I’m keen. I have no idea how he will play in the game, given that Mike Tyson has never grappled and would be lost if a fight hit the floor. Should be fun regardless.

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