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Off Topic: What's The Deal With WWE These Days?

Once upon a time I was a massive fan of professional wrestling. Massive. To the point where I did a Masters thesis on the work/shoot and how wrestling borrows from what’s ‘real’ to make what’s ‘fake’ more believable.

But now? I just don’t watch wrestling any more.

Why? I’m not really certain. It could be that I don’t recognise the new breed of wrestlers. Could be that watching UFC has plugged the gap that wrestling used to satiate. Could be.

Or wrestling could just be, I don’t know, be far less compelling than it used to be.

Nowadays when I do catch it, it certainly feels more sterile. Who knows? Wrestling as a business has always been described as cyclical. It has incredible peaks and troughs. But there are some who now believe that wrestling, as a business, may be in its death throes. I highly doubt that, but perhaps the lack of competition is the issue? Without a WCW to inspire the WWE to greater heights, is the WWE slacking off? Or, more likely, playing it extremely safe to the point where there’s no real feeling of surprise? If anything it seems like wrestling has lost a sense of immediacy, or urgency. In my view, at least, it has lost its ability to be truly compelling.

I know we have a large number of wrestling fans on the site. I’d love to hear your views. Is wrestling really that bad right now? Can it get better? If so, how?

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