You Can Play Street Fighter 5 In 200p If You Really Want To

As much as we’d all like to, sometimes we just don’t have the money to own all the latest and greatest gaming equipment. So for gamers with a passion for pixels and frame rates that exceeds the capacity of their wallet, the first port of call is typically the graphics menu. You know, the menu where you turn everything off or as low as possible.

If you’re this kind of gamer, you might like to know that Street Fighter 5 is your friend. You might not have the ability to turn off every single particle effect, but you can make the game look really, really shitty if you want to.

Games don’t usually let you tank the resolution that far these days, but Capcom seems to have gone the extra mile in allowing potato PCs to run their latest fighter. It’s all thanks to two options: the resolution scale, which is where the bulk of your extra performance will come from, and the resolution itself.

Here’s a picture with the things at their highest in 1080p, with all the bells and whistles turned on.

Here’s what the game looks like when you turn the resolution scale down as much as possible, still at 1080p.

Pretty chunky. But that’s not the worst you can make it look; 640×480 was simply the lowest resolution SF5 would let my home PC run the game at. On my work computer, however, I can turn the game down even further to the exceptionally potato-friendly screen size of 320×200.

I could probably get 320×200 working on my home PC by creating a custom resolution through the NVIDIA Control Panel (the same way you create custom resolutions if you wanted to fiddle around with downsampling before tools like GeForce Experience started automating the process).

In any case, it’s nice to know that you can really turn SF5 into a visual turd if you desperately need the frames. There are plenty of gamers out there with hardware well past their prime, and it’s nice to know some new releases still let you take an angle grinder to the graphics.

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