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Community Review: Hitman

After the last uninspiring entry, I had lost all hope for the upcoming Hitman.

Once again it appears as though I was wrong.

By all reports the brand new Hitman is a fitting heir to Hitman: Blood Money, a game most regard as the most recent classic entry into the Hitman series.

The only issue I hear (some) people complaining about — the episodic nature of the game.

But some feel as though it fits Hitman, and I sort of agree. The game, at its best always felt like a series of small, self-contained murder sand-boxes and so much of the joy in this series comes from exploring the different, grisly ways one can dispose of a target. An episodic game allows its players to explore those possibilities, and get excited for the next murder sandbox. Seems like a good model when you think about it.

Yet I also understand those complaints — particularly in an age where players feel increasingly exploited by micro-transactions and DLC content.

What are some of your thoughts?

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