32 Ways To Kill A Single Target In The New Hitman

32 Ways To Kill A Single Target In The New Hitman

Video: Hitman is a game about options, and luckily, the latest entry in the series seems to have plenty of them. Eurogamer conducted a great video experiment where they tested out the many different ways to murder a Hitman target. You'll see a little bit of everything here, from faulty chandeliers to violent swirlies, along with more straightforward target elimination. It's a fun watch!


    Many of these are similar, despite the commentators introduction disclaimer. Firearm execution is surely still firearm execution (excepting sniping I guess) regardless of weapon or target location - more like variation on a theme as opposed to novel methods of killing.
    Still, can't wait to play!

    I like the one where he pushes one target off the balcony, and she lands on (and kills) the second target.

    Just note that there is only one level in the game as of now, so it's somewhat spoiler-ish to watch this if you plan on playing the game yourself.

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