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Waste Time With This Browser-Based Maths Puzzler

One of the best games from the Cyberpunk Jam last month is online as a browser game, and you can play it now.

Prime World Goes Version 1.0

We hear a lot about games being made available on Early Access nowadays, but not a lot about games actually completing that period. Prime World is yet another MOBA, but with some key tweaks — and the fact that it has tweaks at all is a telling indicator for the genre.

Study Recommends Kids Play Minecraft Over Watching TV

While I’m sure many of us could come up with different reasons why playing Minecraft is a better activity for kids than watching TV, a University of Michigan study comes to the same conclusion on the basis of diet. Apparently, TV-watchers are just worse eaters.

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It Only Takes A Few Hours To Beat Dark Souls 2

It’s been out for, what, 20 days or something? Enter the speedrunners. It’s taken these crazy players a freakishly small amount of time to figure out how to beat this game in a freakishly small amount of time. Here’s a whole day’s worth of speedrunning the new hardest game on the block.

The Daily HaiTaku

Another day, another HaiTaku! A big thanks to Glock for yesterday’s puzzler. It was in fact Phantasmagoria, and GerminalConsequence was the victor.

The Big Question: To Wait, Or Not To Wait

Some games have been pretty good lately about bringing out all versions at the same time, and gone are the days when the PC version was a horrible port. PC is back in the driver’s seat, commanding the respect it deserves. But occasionally, such as with Dark Souls 2, we’re forced to make a tough choice — do we play the game a month early, or wait for the “real” version?

While You Were Sleeping

Allo, allo everyone. What’s all this, then? Appears to be some form of aggregation of overnight news, so you can get caught up on all the overnight fluff. Have at it, then!

Our Censored South Park: The Stick Of Truth Is Mighty Similar To Europe's

While US copies of South Park: The Stick of Truth are completely uncensored, Europe’s version is censored on consoles only. Our is censored on everything. And it looks like the same method of mild censorship protest we knew was coming in Australia is being used overseas as well.

Sony Selling Its Tokyo Headquarters

It appears that while Sony’s gaming sector is looking bright, its PC and TV sectors have been dragging the business down — and selling its headquarters in Tokyo is just one of many measures planned to minimise the damage.