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The New Season Of Good Game Starts Tonight

If you’re like me, you probably like games. So that means there’s probably a decent chance that you’re also interested in Good Game, the long-running ABC series.

Good news! The new season starts again tonight, and we’ve got a trailer for you all.

A Short History Of Video Games, As Presented By Radio National

Feel like travelling into the future to get a solid grounding in the history of video games?

Wait, scratch that. That sentence makes absolutely zero sense. Allow me to explain.

The ABC Wants A Game Designer For A 'Major New Initiative' This Year

Mention “Ultimo” and “video games” together and your first thoughts go immediately to Team Bondi, the now-defunct developer behind 2011’s LA Noire. But that’s the past. In the present, we’re associating them with the ABC and the game designer role it’s looking to fill. The ABC? Making games? Interesting indeed.

Mass Effect's Garrus Makes An Appearance On ABC

Brandon Keener, also known as the voice of Garrus Vakarian, made an appearance on ABC’s Castle this week. You can even hear tinges of the rogueish turian when Keener’s voice gets real low. And he didn’t even have to calibrate anything.

The Full DJ Hero 2 Track List Is A Delightful Mess

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You could spend your morning sorting through all of the twisted tracks coming on the DJ Hero 2 disc next month or just accept that any game that mixes Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P.” with the Jackson 5’s “ABC” automatically wins.

Bluebird Needs To Be Shut Down TONIGHT!

Wow. It looks like Paul Kruger (aka Pavel Ryabov) is really going ahead with the launch of Bluebird. He’s shown his true colours, pushing Harrison aside and knocking him out in a heated argument before dumping him unconscious in a desert! He needs to be taken down, and it’s gonna happen tonight.

The Real Mastermind Of Bluebird Revealed!

Serious developments have been made into the mystery of Bluebird. Thanks to the work of thegirlwhoruled, LadyD and infallible among others on the DC, we now know more about who is the actual mastermind behind Bluebird. Guess who!

Stop Bluebird, Or Go Bluebird?

Since the hack on Good Game, we’ve started to get a good look into what’s happening with Bluebird. Turns out this billionaire, Harrison Wyld, thinks he can change the future of the planet – single handedly – by launching a unilateral geoengineering project. We’re almost convinced.

Stop Bluebird: Why Good Game Was Hacked Last Week

Remember the leaked footage of Kyle Vandercamp that rudely interrupted Good Game last week? Well, we’ve got some more info, and we need your help in putting it together.

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