A Cheat Sheet For All Of Advanced Warfare's Plot Holes

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s campaign mode is entertaining enough, as long as you can turn off your brain for a few hours. Leave it on and you’ll trip over the gaping plot holes every couple of seconds.

Activision Targets Call Of Duty Glitch Videos For Take Down

All glitches are not created equal. Some are game-breaking, but others can be kinda fun. Some can even be both. You’ve likely seen YouTubers racked by spasms of scream-laughter at them. Activision’s been taking down videos of certain glitches, much to the chagrin of some.

World Of Warcraft Gains 2.6 Million Subscribers In One Month

Enticed by the sweet siren call of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, World of Warcraft subscriber numbers have jumped from October’s 7.4 million to more than 10 million, all of them apparently on my home server of Moon Guard.

The PC Version Of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Launched A Little Rough

Look, PC gamers are never truly satisfied. Being a series whose bread is buttered on console, Call of Duty’s PC versions have rarely been the best examples of what the platform can do. But this year’s edition has folks a little more upset than usual.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare: The Kotaku Review

“Hold X to review Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.” If only it were that simple.

New Call Of Duty Doesn't Work With PS4's Share Play Feature (UPDATE)

Gamers playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfareon the PS4 have discovered that the console’s newly-minted “Share Play” feature doesn’t work with the shooter. This represents something of an inauspicious debut for Sony’s new game-sharing feature, which arrived via an update shortly before Advanced Warfare was released.

There's No Avoiding The New Call Of Duty

People say they don’t want it. But somehow, every year, the new instalment of Activision’s blockbuster FPS series winds up in their homes.

All The Ways Activision Is Avoiding Saying What Destiny Actually Sold

Destiny, a video game in which players travel through the galaxy and battle against random loot tables, is by most accounts a commercial success. But two months after release, publisher Activision still won’t say how many copies they have actually sold.

Nothing Says Funeral Like A Quick Time Event

In the early moments of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s campaign mode, the player is given a choice — press or hold a button to pay their respects to a fallen comrade, or just sit there awkwardly watching the screen until they get bored and wander off. Not much of a choice, really.

A Haven For Horrible Call Of Duty Players

Along with the return of players-versus-bot multiplayer, Advanced Warfare introduces the wonderful Combat Readiness Program, a mode where people who really suck at Call of Duty multiplayer can anonymously feel better about themselves.