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E3 Leak Or Not, These Are Some Cool Transformers Screens

Over at Pure Xbox they have secured what they say are leaked screenshots for a soon-to-be-announced Transformers brawler from Activision. Maybe, maybe not — all I know for certain is the shots depict a game I’d love to play.

Leak: Destiny's New Expansion Is The Taken King, Out September 15

The next Destiny expansion is called The Taken King, according to marketing materials sent to Kotaku. It will be out on September 15 and will open up a new subclass for each of Destiny‘s three classes, according to the leak.

Vehicles Make A Massive Difference In Skylanders: Superchargers

Adding land, sea and air vehicles to the mix gives this fall’s Skylanders game an exciting new twist. More importantly, it gives children toys they can actually play with.

Modern Warfare 2 Deserves More Credit

Call of Duty is not supposed to be good, so the idea goes, especially not Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The sixth Call of Duty has been described as a jingoistic mess, a Michael Bay-esque cacophony of nonsensical story bits, a mere shooter that couldn’t — shouldn’t — try to be anything more. “It’s Call of Duty” has become its own insult. This is a mistake.

Here's Lots More Info On Destiny's House Of Wolves

Today, Bungie’s sharing a bunch of new info on the next expansion for Destiny, a video game about the great galactic battle between talented actors and a terrible script.

Our First Look At The Next Tony Hawk Game

An article in the latest issue of Game Informer reveals that a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game is fast approaching. Let’s hope its not as sad as that last Tony Hawk game.

Guitar Hero Is Back, And I Really Like What I've Seen

Confession: if I had spent anything like as much time playing actual guitar as I did playing pretend guitar as a teenager, I might have had a very different career path. In the late days of the 2006-9 rhythm-action boom, some hardcore pretend musicians split out into Guitar Hero fans and Rock Band fans, but I always loved both. And DJ Hero, and jubeat, and Pop’n Music, and Amplitude, and any other rhythm-matching game I could get my dextrous hands on. I was both surprised and rather impressed to learn that the Guitar Hero reboot, which is going to be with us by the end of the year, isn’t a straight resurrection of the old game, but instead a brand new one from UK developer Freestyle Games. It’s called Guitar Hero Live.

Destiny's House Of Wolves Comes Out May 19

House of Wolves, the second expansion for Destiny, will be out in just over a month, publisher Activision announced today. We’ll be grinding again on May 19.

The Grand Finals Of The 2015 Call Of Duty Championships Are Happening Today.

The grand finals of the 2015 Call of Duty Championships are happening today. Which of the 32 competing teams is going to walk away with $US400,000? Head over to the Major League Gaming event site to watch live and see which 29 teams are definitely not winning.

Call Of Duty's Star-Studded Co-Op DLC Is Off To A Fine Start

Call of Duty‘s first downloadable content has hit the Xbox One today, bringing with it some maps the competitive folks should enjoy and a chance to soak in the sound bytes of four prominent actors while shooting mechanically-pulled zombies. That’s my jam.

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