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Resident Evil Is Getting A New Full-CG Animated Movie

It’s called Resident Evil: Vendetta and will be out autumn 2017 in Japan.

What's More Exciting Than Overwatch? More Overwatch Animation. 

Yannick might be quite fond of Overwatch, but I wasn’t charmed by an online shooter. I was charmed by a beautifully animated trailer. As this storyboard animation reel from BlizzCon demonstrates, there’s a lot more animation on the way.

Making CG Japanese Schoolgirls Is Difficult

Meet Saya. According to her co-creator, Yuka Ishikiawa, bringing her to life was not easy.

Pacific Rim, You've Met Your Match

The Evangelion movies always look terrific. They have always been, at the very least, visually interesting. But the CG in this latest Evangelion short is something else.

CG Train Car Is Better Than Reality

Look at this beautiful train car. Look at it.

Fan Animation Turns Link Pikmin-Sized

Dayshot: Some just can’t wait till a new, HD Zelda arrives and start working on their own fan projects. This superb GIF is from animator PencilTest’s upcoming fan-movie, which — if it will have the same overall quality as this teaser — will be quite ambitious.

Dayshot: Legend Of Zelda Fan Art Inspired By Stop-Motion

Inspired by various stop-motion movies, Gabriel Salas used the exact same 3D tools and a handmade diorama to create this really special Legend of Zelda fan art. I’d love to see something like this coming to life as an animated-short.

A Badass, More Grownup Link

Here are two pieces from CG artist Gabriele Maiocoo, showing us what a badass, more grownup Link would look like. He didn’t skip leg day that’s for sure.

Why Japan's News Is Better: Dioramas And Miniature Models

Flip on the television. From the games we play to the movies we watch, CG is everywhere. While there’s nothing wrong with CG per se, there is something so right with models and dioramas.

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